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Friday, March 21

3:30pm CDT

FR-PS10 [POSTER] The Integrating Public Space (IPS): Strategic Procedure For Urban Architectural Projects To Eliminate Borders In Marginal Neighborhoods Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Graciela Fernández de Córdova FR-PS12 [POSTER] Analyzing the Use of Affordable Housing Development as a Neighbourhood Revitalization Tool in Shrinking Cities Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Julie Mah, University of Toronto FR-PS13 [POSTER] Individual Determinants of Community Development Engagement in Jamaica [SPECIAL TRACK: URBAN ISSUES IN CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN] Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Karelle Samuda FR-PS14 [POSTER] Ticket to Ride: Access to Public Transportation and Improved Livelihoods in Bogota, Colombia [SPECIAL TRACK: URBAN ISSUES IN CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN] Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Kate Brunette • Eve Bratman FR-PS15 [POSTER] Early Effects of Neighborhood Stabilization in Los Angeles Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Kenya Covington • Geoffrey West FR-PS18 [POSTER] Shrinking Cities: Examining the Definition, Drivers, Effects and Overarching Theories Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Maxwell Hartt FR-PS19 [POSTER] The Effect of Teacher Race-Ethnicity and Gender on Student Expectation for Receiving Quality Teaching Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Millie Black FR-PS20 [POSTER] Affordable Housing Provision and Inner City Regeneration: A Public Private Partnership in São Paulo, Brazil[SPECIAL TRACK: URBAN ISSUES IN CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN] Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Priscila Izar FR-PS23 [POSTER] Citizens' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Robert Ambrosino • Eve Bratman FR-PS25 [POSTER] Vehicular Emissions in Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area (Brazil) [SPECIAL TRACK: URBAN ISSUES IN CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN] Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Silmara Silva FR-PS26 [POSTER] Food Deserts in Urban and Rural Areas: A Comparison Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Seve Hartlaub • Laura Bierstedt • Mark Hartlaub FR-PS27 [POSTER] Community Healthcare Redefined: The Role of Grass-Roots Community Health Organizations and Outreach Workers in Education and Access Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Straso Jovanovski, Rutgers University - Camden • Laura Bierstedt • Mark Hartlaub • Seve Hartlaub FR-PS29 [POSTER] The Construction of Metropolitan Management Practices from Two Experiences of Territorial Associations in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, Brazil Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)William Borges FR-PS3 [POSTER] Commandeering Suburbia: Should Shrinking Cities Annex Their Neighbors? Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Austin Zwick FR-PS30 [POSTER] Well being of Slum Households in Addis Ababa City, Ethiopia Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Zafu Assefa • George Galvis FR-PS31 [POSTER] A User Study of Techniques for Geovisualizing Uncertainty in Survey Data for Urban Planning Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Jason R. Jurjevich • Meg Merrick FR-PS32 [POSTER] Sanctuary City, Open Borders, No Border: Migration and Urban Possibilities Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Harald Bauder FR-PS33 [POSTER] Haitians in Miami: Acculturation and Status Attainment after Public Policy Change Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Joy Neilson FR-PS4 [POSTER] The Housing Bubble in Brazil, Housing Policy and the Formation of the Urban Development Process, 2005-2012. Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Beatriz del Carmen Martínez González • Leandro Silva Medrano FR-PS7 [POSTER] Tax Increment Financing and Economic Growth – A National Perspective Navarro Ballroom (Westin 2nd Floor)Christopher Wheeler • Straso Jovanovski, Rutgers University - Camden